A Career With Purpose


Would You Like To Be Happier, Feel Worthwhile At Work, And Earn Top 10% Income?


​With our suggested part time "gig" you can add $20,000 raises yearly.  

Will this​ help Improve your living standard ? Surprise, an average smart high school graduate is able to do very well here.

Consider starting a part-time profitable business whose purpose is to provide "Seniors and Retirees with lower cost rents and easier care apartments." The "need" is huge all across this country.

​We continually show everyone where to find the properties and money to fund this positive small business.

Here's the Story

46 million smaller "senior adapted" apartments are needed for the next 45 years all over our Country and in all income levels.

Get this,  1 in 5 Seniors age 50 plus and Retirees are already renters and looking to downsize  apartments.

These Seniors simply need smaller apartments with lower monthly rents, lower utilities bills, and a designed food garden area.

We have a special business model that fills this "need" nicely. You are invited to participate, buy properties, and join our group. 

Check out this national Federal Government B.L.S.​ Income chart, (See where 2 of 3 workers are headed.)

 Look closely, not much has changed since 2014 for working people except more people are earning lower wages as they get older.

​Conversely, compare our plans work results. 

Notice: Everyone is different and all results will differ, Most anyone can do well if they choose to participate properly. The timing when and where is up to each person.

​Our suggestion is, 'Nothing happens positive for you until you decide to do something beneficial with others, and then do it."

​Don't Be Shy Or Fearful We Are Here To Help

Steve had to learn how to start his gig and own a part-time business, Now he is skilled to produce the results he wants,.  He owns apartments buildings. 

Steve had decided to get rid of his "fears and uncertainties." 

Today, he is in Atlanta's top 10% income group. It is a good life.

GET THIS: He works 8 to 20 hours a week, and 26 weeks a year in his profitable small business earning top 10% income.

Every time he buys a property, it results in more income every year.

A Special Opportunity​

We Buy Suitable Small Apartment Property(s) At A Low Cost And We Will Show You How And Why We Do This

There is a shortage  of well kept low and middle-income Senior apartments country-wide. Our Seniors really need these apartments. 

​ALERT: All properties are "local" and differ in price and rent amounts in Cities, States, and Nationally.

Dayton, Ohio

This building now has four up-dated neat apartments for Seniors..

It is 100% bank funded, and has $30,000 equity in year one.

Each apartment rents for $425 a month to Seniors. (4 Apts.)

Annual Building Rent income is $20,400.

Important key: The projected income is $1, 550,ooo coming from this one building in 45 years.

$40,000 is directed as Tax-deductions on personal tax filings. 

Steve owns nine of these 4 apartments per buildings.​ and he is taking good care of 36 Seniors housing needs.

He uses sub-contractors to do all the work and service repairs..

GRANTS can be available for all repairs, upgrades, and improvements for "Senior Occupancy."  You can learn here where and how to correctly apply for this​ money. This is worth doing well.

​GET THIS: Steve sub-contracts all the work giving people needed good paying jobs in these neighborhoods...This is a "Win, Win, Win."

This is where we, update, discuss, and educate.​ 

  • Grants and Bank Funding are available to individuals. This is based on the property designation, Senior housing, and the need and value to a community.
  • ​Properties can be purchased and up-graded with up to 100% financing short or long term. We will show you how this is done!

Using our dedicated mentoring updating sources of information and news alerts will be critical to your success..

The key here is you getting started with daily "action." Nothing happens for you here until you do it!

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"I have to say that you've opened my eyes to a way of earning income that I could have never dreamed of! This is real knowledge! We both know knowledge and understanding are worth more than gold and this is honestly GOLDEN! This is what I need and what my generation needs......a wake-up call!"

Sincerely, Romell Williams

Romell Williams

​This System works like a well tuned clock...