About Us

The premise of our business is a simple organized plan already executed to build wealth daily over one's lifetime, and an educational opportunity. That will allow 30% of our working class to start a fulfilling career Part-Time and get to a rewarding top 10% income annually. We give you a path from start to the finish. This path, if followed, is meant to replicate the business that our two mentors have successfully accomplished. Our readers and customers should understand that they can and many will make adjustments and improvements to what we suggest. Each Individual is responsible for what is done and/or accomplished. We issue caution for you to notice that the path is well defined from the beginning, but stays simple throughout. What is unique is done in proper order and after the first year all properties are 100% funded by banks and grants. None of the owner's (yours) capital is at risk long term. You make more income daily and assets continue to appreciate three (3) ways to your benefit everyday,